Artist Interview

Week 15 – Artist Interview – Various Artists

IMG_6313This week was a fun week because I got to see many people’s artwork in the gallery, Drawn Out, a BFA Illustration/Animation show, for 2015 seniors. My favorite part about this show was that I got to see the different types of styles every artist had and I enjoyed a few:


This is the first set that caught my eye. It’s by Myke Marts. He didn’t say too much about the work he presented but I liked his illustrations a lot. I like the deteriorating woman and the black and white drawing of famous dining spots. The basketball players as food too, was a favorite. They’re fun and very creative. I like these types because you can interpret it any way you want and it’s fun because it could be so many things.

IMG_6315 IMG_6316

The work on the top is by Ashley Healy and on the bottom, is the work of Juliana Verschoor. Healy’s work was another that I really liked because they’re strange and it makes you stand there and think for a while of what’s going on there. She enjoyed drawing creatures as a little kid and continues to present that in her illustrations today. She loves a lot of detail, as you can see in her work. Verschoor is inspired by Disney and I can see that through her work especially through, Cinderella. Which was my favorite out of all the works she presented.

I think this show was a great way to end the semester as it showcase so many different types of art. I was fascinated at all types and I appreciated them all. So much creativity in the air. Now it’s my turn! See ya!

Artist Interview

Week 14 – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak


This is Yireh Elaine Kwak with her work, Home. Her work was featured in the gallery, Liminal, an exhibit featuring many senior’s work on the concept of a transition they went through in their life.

Elaine is a senior, majoring in drawing and painting. She enjoys doing landscapes but also likes other types. She works with anything that inspires her. Home is of her backyard in Fullerton. She currently doesn’t live there anymore but that place played a big role in her life. It wasn’t just a house but it was her HOME. It symbolizes her family and the importance of nature to her and family. She started this work first by roughly drawing from observation and finishing with her memory of the site. It took her about a month and a half to complete.

Elaine praises her home and family for supporting her throughout her career in art.

Elaine plans to take a break from school after graduating. She’s going to “do her” and build her portfolio. She plans to attend grad school, hopefully somewhere in NorCal, like UC Berkeley. I hope her talents take her far in the art world.

Artist Interview

Week 11 – Artist Interview – Gabriel Garcia


Gabriel Garcia’s Toxic Masculinity exhibit was one of the more popular galleries this week. Toxic Masculinity featured many posters presenting the negative culture masculinity has in society nowadays. Gabriel wanted to showcase a few main topics:

  • Domestic violence and how it should be reported more so that it doesn’t continue
  • Being in service of the United States doesn’t give men the right to be violent towards people they love
  • And how a man’s strength could lead to violent acts.

I took a good look at each wall, trying to get the message of each poster. The picture above is of the wall seen once you enter. The first poster “DON’T BE A PUSSY” reminded me of the guest speakers I had in my communications class the other day. They were from Interact on campus and they did a skit on sexual assualt. One of the characters was trying to get his friend to show his girlfriend “who’s in charge” and to not act like a bitch/pussy around her. The friend eventually raped his girlfriend, as a result of his friend’s tormenting. “Don’t be a pussy” is probably a thought that goes through a man’s head before being violent to hype them up to do what they want to do.


This next wall reminded me of the case of Ray Rice, a former NFL player who beat his fiancee in an elevator. I understood the helmet picture and how that represents football, thus presenting the ideas of rough, tough, hard-hitting, etc. The poster of the one that says “ABUSER” took a little more time to understand. What I got from it however, is that the shield in the back is like a patch you get on a varsity jacket. In the middle of the patch says “champion” but it’s erased and labeled “ABUSER” instead. I thought the next poster had nothing to do with football but then I realized that the outline is of football pads and the NFL trophy is in the corner. So, I tied this all together with the banner from the first picture of “Fiancee + Assault = Wife” to Ray Rice’s case. Ray Rice was successful, earning his first ring in 2013 but however a year later, he abused his future wife and was arrested for assault. Surprisingly, Rice’s fiancee stuck with him and eventually married him despite the fact that he abused her to the point of unconsciousness.

I thought this gallery was very informative on how men have these characteristics that shows how manly they are but how nowadays, these characteristics and traits are used negatively, especially towards women. What I like most about this gallery is that it’s very relevant and I liked how I could relate this subject to recent stories.