Extra Credit

Week 14 – Extra Credit – Classmate Procedures (4)

IMG_6059 The last procedure I did for extra credit was Jairo Ubeda’s License Plate Art. On Saturday evening, I went to LA to attend an event with some friends. I thought it was a great time to catch some license plates on the freeway. Coming from Southern California heading towards LA, there had to be a lot of license plates from different states. Here’s what I got: 


Now, I thought there would be a lot more but like Jairo, I only caught a few. The only one that caught my eye was the Maryland car. I wish my paper was more diverse I guess the freeway is just packed with Californians and that’s alright too! 

Extra Credit

Week 13 – Extra Credit – Classmate Procedures (3)

The third procedure I did was Christian Posada’s Musical Drawing. 

As read on his blog, I listened to one of my favorite songs at the moment, closed my eyes, and drew straight lines and swirly lines for 30 seconds. Afterwards, I used four colors to fill in the gaps until I was satisfied with my drawing. 

I listened to the song Teedra Moses’s Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition). The zigzags in the middle is the beat from the beginning of the song. I started the swirls once the verse started and the gaps between the swirls were the parts where there was no singing. 

This is how it turned out: IMG_8765

And this is how it turned out with the four colors filling a few gaps: IMG_6054

I thought that this procedure was really fun especially because it involved music. Here’s a link to the song I used! 

Extra Credit

Week 13 – Extra Credit – Classmate Procedures (2)

Another procedure I did was Jasmine Barnum’s Text Message Poetry! First, I had to get my mobile device and go to my messages. I chose 10 different messages and picked the third word from each and came up with this poem: 


Ask bro.



Talent was okay. 



Okay, so this one was a really hard one for me. Mainly because I’m short when I text people so there’s a lot of boring words. But I made it work! 

These are the words I used: 

  • was 
  • club 
  • talent 
  • bro 
  • go
  • okay 
  • hurry 
  • ask 
  • lecture 
  • mom 

Text messages consisted from my sorority sisters, mom, and my “bro” from a fraternity. A few topics of the messages were of my sorority’s cultural talent show, the club I attended on Thursday night, and enrolling in fall classes for next year.

I ended up not having to use extra words which was cool. I feel that the poem I came up with is pretty self-explanatory. So, someone wants to go to the club. They’re asked to talk to their bro. The bro says yes but to hurry. The club scene was alright. Talent could refer to dancing, the people there, and the overall experience. But once the individual came home, s/he faced their mom and a lecture. The brother was telling him/her to hurry to probably avoid that from happening. 

This was definitely an interesting activity.

Extra Credit

Week 13 – Extra Credit – Classmate Procedures (1)

IMG_5962I need quite a few extra credit points so I thought doing other people’s procedure’s would be fun. Plus, I didn’t do this activity last week so it helped me come up with my own to turn in for late credit.

The first one I did was Amanda Bjornstad’s Alphabet Stories. First, I had to pick a word for each letter of the alphabet and then make a story out of it using all the words. I had my boyfriend help me with this by letting him choose the words to make it more challenging and here’s what we came up with:

  • articulate
  • bananas
  • culinary 
  • distraction 
  • epiphany 
  • fondue 
  • glistening 
  • hamper 
  • icky 
  • jellyfish 
  • kiss 
  • listen 
  • mouthful 
  • narcotics 
  • opaque 
  • pretty 
  • quilt 
  • revolve
  • slime 
  • time 
  • unique 
  • vindictive 
  • wrote 
  • x-ray 
  • yodel 
  • zit 

I was kind of nervous because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to create a story using all the words but I’m proud to say that I came up with a pretty good story:

There was a little boy and his name was Tuck. Tuck was very talented and UNIQUE. He was a really good cook and could YODEL like no other! In fact, he combined his CULINARY talents and singing skills at the same time. So, one day, he decided to make FONDUE for breakfast because he loves sweets. He paired it up with strawberries, BANANAS, and pound cake. While Tuck ate, he played yodeling music because it was also his favorite type of music to LISTEN to. After a MOUTHFUL of fondue, Tuck started to feel ICKY. He got up to take some pills for the stomach pain, but with the music as DISTRACTION, he accidentally took NARCOTICS instead. Why did he have narcotics in the first place? I have no idea.

Anyways, after taking the drugs, Tuck fell over his fondue station and decided to take a shower to clean himself. He went to his room and removed his sticky clothes into his HAMPER. He successfully made it to the bathroom but walked in the OPAQUE shower door and fell once again. Tuck got up and ran the shower. The water running down his body felt like SLIME so he scrubbed himself for the longest TIME, trying to get it off. 

As Tuck was trying to scrub the bottom of his feet, he slipped, falling once again and started hallucinating. Tuck was in the ocean, floating in the GLISTENING water. He swam and swam and as he was under water, he realized he had gills! He explored the deep ocean and saw PRETTY fish and big whales. Then, something began to REVOLVE around him. A baby JELLYFISH! Tuck wanted to KISS it so he went closer and swam as fast as he could to catch an intimate moment with the jellyfish but before he could lay his lips on it, it stung him on his face. His head looked like a big ZIT. Tuck cried and tried to ARTICULATE why the jellyfish would do such a thing. He became VINDICTIVE and wanted to hurt the jellyfish but he still really want to kiss the it at the same time. After a long, painful wait, Tuck had an EPIPHANY! He realized that now, after the jellyfish stung him, he looked just like one and made an effort to act like one to accomplish his goal. Tuck floated like a jellyfish closely to the one that stung him and as he kissed it, he got stung once again. 

Next thing Tuck knew, he was in his room, on his bed, covered by his QUILT. He turned over and saw an X-RAY of his brain. There was a note that WROTE, NO MORE NARCOTICS LITTLE ONE.

Like I said, I was anxious to see how it would turn out because when it comes to story telling, I’m not very creative. However, it was actually really fun coming up with the next part of the story, tying everything together. I think it’s a pretty good story and I’m glad I had the word narcotics, to help me get a little creative. I’m glad I chose to do this procedure!

Extra Credit

Week 12 – Extra Credit – Feedback

3 most favorite activities of Art 110 (in no particular order) –

  • Fiber Art (Yarn Bombing)

I really enjoyed doing fiber art for some reason. I didn’t think it would be one of my faovrites but it is mainly because I got to do something really new. Not only did I do the activity but I also had a lot of fun with it. It was easy and a new experience.

  • Portrait Photography (Landscapes with a Corpse)

I really like photography and I thought this activity was really fun. I think the reason why it was so fun was because I got to lay in a bunch of areas and pretended to be dead.

  • Student Choice

The reason I enjoyed student choice was because it got me back into an art form that I love which is drawing. It was nice to get away from all that I had to do for the week and just do something I love.

3 least favorite activities of Art 110 (in no particular order) –

  • New Media (The Mina Show)

The only reason why new media wasn’t a good activity for me is because I really wasn’t sure on what to do for the activity. I couldn’t come up with a cool idea.

  • Sculpture (Plaster Casting)

I was not able to do plaster casting because I live in the dorms and I don’t have a car. I would have taken the bus but with the bus taking a really long time to the beach, I had no time especially with my extra cirricular activities.

  • Algorithmic Art

Algorithmic art was very confusing to me at first but after seeing an explanation of it, I think I’ll be able to complete it, however it will be late.

Feedback – 

  • Tuesday in UT-108

Something I really enjoyed were the videos you had in class. They were fun to watch. I also liked how you showed everyone’s notecards because it just shows how unique everyone is.

  • Activities overall

Overall, I thought the activities were fun and reasonable. I really enjoyed most of the activities we did.

  • Artist conversations

I loved going to the galleries and seeing artists’ work. It’s very inspirational and I think that’s a great way to get student involved. It’s something I look forward to at the end of my week because it’s not the usual sit in class and sit there and listen to the teacher talk.

  • Classmate conversations

I think classmate conversations are a great way to meet new people and network with others. It alsocool because it kind of pushes people out of their comfort zone by making them meet someone new every week.

  • Using your website

I love the blog idea and think it’s an efficient way to do our assignments. It’s fun and I’m really glad I have this to look back at. I think I want to make a personal one.

Extra Credit

Week 7 – Extra Credit – University Art Museum


I had the opportunity to go to the University Art Museum this week. I probably wouldn’t have ever gone inside if it weren’t for this class. I pass by it every other day so it was great to finally go inside and check it out. Art 110 graduate assistant, Brittany Binder had a tour of her show “Consumed,” where she basically discussed how our environment is being consumed by litter and trash. Throughout many generations, it has been stressed to throw away trash in their rightful bins such as trash, recyclables, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of trash is not being thrown away correctly thus harming our planet and ecosystem.

The artwork I was able to see was the one above. When I first saw it, it looked like a pyramid or something. Brittany explained that each square is a thin slice of trash that was squished together. Presented as a pyramid, it made me think of the trash as a growing phenomenon that started small but has become larger and larger.

Unfortunately, I was unable to see her other works of art because of class but I’m glad I got to see a few. It’s nice to see passion come alive through art and I think “Consumed” is a great gallery and I hope it inspires viewers to think twice about where they throw their trash.