Classmate Interview

Week 15 – Classmate Interview – Alexx Dunk

IMG_6312Okay, first of all, this girl has a really cool name. Alexx; and not just one “x” but two! And her last name is Dunk, like dunk a basketball! I don’t know, but I think it’s a pretty unique name.

So Alex is a 4th year here at CSULB, majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. A crazy duo! She aspires to be a dentist. She said that she think it’s a form of art which, in a way, I could understand that. She’s from San Diego but seems to be enjoying it here in Long Beach. It is here, where she met her fiance who is also taking the class. They’re a very cute couple and look very happy together. In fact, I got to interview him too. His name is Jacob and something she had to say about his fiance Alex is that, she’s very committed to studying and schoolwork. I thought that was great because I’m like that too! She’s not ashamed and I like that about her.

Like a lot of people I’ve met, she enjoys the outdoors like skateboarding, snowboarding, and hiking. Something that I thought was really cool is that Alex is also a model for No Ties Agency. Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be a model but never thought I had the body. Finding out that Alex is a model was pretty cool and I got to ask her a few things about it.

Classmate Interview

Week 14 – Classmate Interview – Amy Chang

IMG_6119This week I interviewed Amy Chang.

She’s a second year and a communications major. However, Amy is not sure what she wants to do with that degree if she decides to pursue it. She’s full Korean and was born in Korea. She came to the United States when she was 5. She lived in Roland Heights, then Chino Hills, and currently lives in Buena Park. She went to a Catholic junior high then to Los Alamitos High School. Amy was a part of her school’s dance program for four years, where she learned several different types of dances. She took dance because she didn’t want to take PE but still enjoyed it anyways.

Amy doesn’t do much on her free time other than work. She works at Guess and doesn’t mind it much. However, when she does have spare time, she likes to be with friends. She enjoys watching Netflix, especially stand up comedy.

I told Amy that I’m in a sorority on campus and I found out that she is too! She’s a part of Delta Zeta but isn’t very active. She likes all kinds of music except types like screamo. She doesn’t like raves; she’d rather go to a bar. When I asked her what her ideal day would be, Amy replied saying that she’d like to wake up around 11, meet with friends and go to Laguna Beach or Newport. It would also include meeting attractive guys and hanging out with them and “going hard.”

Classmate Interview

Week 12 – Classmate Interview – Maddie Vandenberg

IMG_5851I’d like you to meet this lovely lady of Alpha Phi. Her name is Maddie Vandenberg! Maddie is a second year, liberal studies major. She wants to be a teach but she might change her major to psychology which can steer her career in a different direction. She currently lives in Long Beach but she got the opportunity to live on campus at the dorms her first year.

Maddie is a sister of Alphi Phi but it was a hard choice between that and Delta Zeta. Some things she loves to do is being outdoors and being active like going to the beach, hiking, and playing volleyball. I’ll have to agree, playing volleyball is very fun. Maddie says that hanging out with friends is always a great time too. She loves movies in general but especially ones that have great soundtracks which I thought was very unique. Her favorite movie is Just Friends and her favorite book is The Great Gatsby which, in my opinion, had a really good soundtrack to it’s newer version of the movie. If you wanna know what kind of music she’s into, it would have to be reggae and country.

Classmate Interview

Week 11 – Classmate Interview – Maddie Iwanaga

IMG_5739This week, I got to interview Maddie Iwanaga! She’s 18 and she’s a first year like me! Not only are we the same age but we’re also studying psychology! She’s also minoring in criminal justice. Maddie wants a profession in forensic psychology because she thinks it’s interesting and likes the fact that it’s dark and mysterious. Her interest began when she was little, always watching crime shows. In high school, she took AP psychology and thought the brain and criminal sections were captivating. Maddie’s hometown is San Dimas which is about 40 minutes away from campus. She spends her weekends in Long Beach but goes home almost every weekend to hang out with her friends. Maddie currently works at Coldstone in San Dimas. It may have not been her first choice but she applied everywhere and it was the first one she was hired at.

Maddie’s hobbies include photography. From her instagram, she takes very nice photos, especially portraits of friends and family. She has a deluxe pass for Disneyland and goes many times a year with her sister, cousins, and friends. Something interesting about Maddie is that she took art classes ever since she was 9! The forms of art included studio art, sculpting, sketching, etc. Her favorite would have to be painting. She even keeps her own little craft cupboard with all her arts and crafts materials. So, taking an art class for a GE wasn’t so bad for her.

Although Maddie enjoys her time at Long Beach, she’s really considering to transfer to Santa Barbara. She said that it’s her favorite place in the world! She doesn’t mind a community college because of how much Santa Barbara’s UC costs. She’s also very comfortable with Santa Barbara because she has some family living up there. When I asked about her dreams and/or aspirations, she said Santa Barbara. She loves everything about it, and if she could live there, that would be amazing.

Classmate Interview

Week 10 – Classmate Interview – Hannah Drake


This week I met Hannah Drake. She’s a second year and is studying kinesiology. Hannah aspires to be a physical therapist because she went through PT a lot in her life, middle school through high school. Some of her injuries include two ACL tears, MCL tear, and knee dislocation. Hannah had to undergo two surgeries for her ACL injuries, one during eighth grade and another during her senior year in high school.

Hannah is originally from Long Beach but Cal State Long Beach was not her first choice. However, she realized that she didn’t want to leave home and committed to CSULB last minute. She currently lives at home but is looking for apartments to live in for the next school year. Hannah has a big extended family! She lives with her parents and her younger sister, who she’s really close with but a lot of her relatives live in California. She’s Italian and she explained how family orientated that makes her.

One of Hannah’s talents includes playing soccer. She started playing soccer as early as three years old. She also likes activities outdoors and being active. She’d rather go hiking and surfing than sitting at home and watching netflix. Last summer, she backpacked to the Palisades and glacier around Mammoth with her dad. She didn’t want to do it, but it turned out to be one of her biggest accomplishments. A form of art Hannah does is music! She likes singing and playing guitar. She loves Italian food and likes the color teal and giraffes.

Something that I noticed about Hannah was her tank top. It said, “Alpha Phi” so I asked her about it. She’s in Alpha Phi sorority on campus. She rushed 2014 and is loving every bit of it. Hannah didn’t see herself as a sorority girl but she wanted to get more involved. Her favorite part about Alpha Phi is having sisterhood and having over one hundred and thirty girls have her back, who are genuine.

Classmate Interview

Week 9 – Classmate Interview – Jacob Macmaster


Everyone meet, Jacob Macmaster! He is a fourth year here at Cal State Long Beach. He’s originally from Fresno but currently lives in Long Beach. Jacob is a biology major, aspiring to be in the dental industry. For his major, he has taken a lot of math and science classes. Luckily, this semester is easy for him, with a few easy general ed. classes like art. Unlike this semester, Jacob struggled last semester with his classes, one of them being organic chemistry, aka ochem, describing it as “death”. With a difficult major like biology, Jacob spaced out with general ed. classes so he doesn’t get burned out with all his upper division classes, which is really smart. Something great about Jacob is that he is engaged and his fiance is also in Art 110. Her name is Alex and I was able to also get an interview from her as well! The two met three years ago in their calculus class and have hit it off ever since.

Jacob used to be a part of the fraternity, Sigma Pi, at Long Beach but balancing his heavy workload with school and the brotherhood was difficult. However, Jacob is still involved on campus, as the vice president of the dental club. His dental club goes on outings to places like dental universities and conventions to listen to speakers and get advice. These outings have helped him learn the several steps it takes to be in dentistry.

A few things Jacob likes to do are snowboarding and rock climbing. Jacob started snowboarding since he was sixteen and enjoys going to Big Bear and Snow Summit. Jacob’s ideal day consists of: waking up and going snowboarding and taking a jet to Thailand and getting some Thai food. We talked about food and how much we love eating. Something Jacob loves to eat are avocados! One place he suggested to try is a food truck called Jogasaki. Jogasaki has a Mexican and sushi fusion with their sushi burritos. It sounds delicious and I hope I’ll be able to try it out one day!

Classmate Interview

Week 8 – Classmate Interview – Kelsey Lewis

IMG_5224This is Kelsey Lewis and I had the opportunity to interview her this week. She’s a nineteen year old, attending as a first year. She’s studying journalism which she thinks is ironic because she hates writing and doesn’t read very often. Nor does she watch the news and keep up with the current events happening around the world. However, it wasn’t until her senior year in high school where she had to start doing assignments based on news. Kelsey is pursuing to become a photo journalist. She explained to me that journalism can be very corrupt, which is why she wants to be unbiased and present the real, honest truth of the news she’s covering. Kelsey is also thinking about minoring in business.

Something I found interesting is that we’re both from the central valley! Kelsey’s from Modesto and I used to live about thirty or forty minutes away. She lived there her whole life with her parents and two brothers. She used to have a dog, Belle, but she had to be put down because of a cancerous tumor that was infected above her eye. Her whole family really misses her as she was a huge part of the family. Kelsey dorms now but she misses her friends from back home.

Something everyone should know about Kelsey is that she loves the beach! Which is one of the reasons why she chose to come to Long Beach. She hits the beach all the time with her friends. At first, Kelsey didn’t think she was cut out for college but she wanted to leave Northern California and she has family down here so she applied. I asked Kelsey what her favorite color is and she responded saying that she always tells people “clear” but she likes all colors, which I thought was really funny. She loves fruits especially apples and strawberries and she puts peanut butter on almost everything.

Kelsey’s hobbies include painting, drawing, and doodling. She played soccer since she was five until she was eighteen. Something Kelsey is passionate for photography. Sunsets are one of her favorite scenes to capture. She loves pictures because it brings back memories and a nostalgic feeling. Kelsey’s ideal day would include going on an adventure whether it be a roadtrip, camping, watching the stars, going to the lake and having no social media.

The one thing that stuck to me about Kelsey is her dream to be unconditionally happy. 🙂