Artist Interview

Week 15 – Artist Interview – Various Artists

IMG_6313This week was a fun week because I got to see many people’s artwork in the gallery, Drawn Out, a BFA Illustration/Animation show, for 2015 seniors. My favorite part about this show was that I got to see the different types of styles every artist had and I enjoyed a few:


This is the first set that caught my eye. It’s by Myke Marts. He didn’t say too much about the work he presented but I liked his illustrations a lot. I like the deteriorating woman and the black and white drawing of famous dining spots. The basketball players as food too, was a favorite. They’re fun and very creative. I like these types because you can interpret it any way you want and it’s fun because it could be so many things.

IMG_6315 IMG_6316

The work on the top is by Ashley Healy and on the bottom, is the work of Juliana Verschoor. Healy’s work was another that I really liked because they’re strange and it makes you stand there and think for a while of what’s going on there. She enjoyed drawing creatures as a little kid and continues to present that in her illustrations today. She loves a lot of detail, as you can see in her work. Verschoor is inspired by Disney and I can see that through her work especially through, Cinderella. Which was my favorite out of all the works she presented.

I think this show was a great way to end the semester as it showcase so many different types of art. I was fascinated at all types and I appreciated them all. So much creativity in the air. Now it’s my turn! See ya!

Classmate Interview

Week 15 – Classmate Interview – Alexx Dunk

IMG_6312Okay, first of all, this girl has a really cool name. Alexx; and not just one “x” but two! And her last name is Dunk, like dunk a basketball! I don’t know, but I think it’s a pretty unique name.

So Alex is a 4th year here at CSULB, majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. A crazy duo! She aspires to be a dentist. She said that she think it’s a form of art which, in a way, I could understand that. She’s from San Diego but seems to be enjoying it here in Long Beach. It is here, where she met her fiance who is also taking the class. They’re a very cute couple and look very happy together. In fact, I got to interview him too. His name is Jacob and something she had to say about his fiance Alex is that, she’s very committed to studying and schoolwork. I thought that was great because I’m like that too! She’s not ashamed and I like that about her.

Like a lot of people I’ve met, she enjoys the outdoors like skateboarding, snowboarding, and hiking. Something that I thought was really cool is that Alex is also a model for No Ties Agency. Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be a model but never thought I had the body. Finding out that Alex is a model was pretty cool and I got to ask her a few things about it.

Artist Interview

Week 14 – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak


This is Yireh Elaine Kwak with her work, Home. Her work was featured in the gallery, Liminal, an exhibit featuring many senior’s work on the concept of a transition they went through in their life.

Elaine is a senior, majoring in drawing and painting. She enjoys doing landscapes but also likes other types. She works with anything that inspires her. Home is of her backyard in Fullerton. She currently doesn’t live there anymore but that place played a big role in her life. It wasn’t just a house but it was her HOME. It symbolizes her family and the importance of nature to her and family. She started this work first by roughly drawing from observation and finishing with her memory of the site. It took her about a month and a half to complete.

Elaine praises her home and family for supporting her throughout her career in art.

Elaine plans to take a break from school after graduating. She’s going to “do her” and build her portfolio. She plans to attend grad school, hopefully somewhere in NorCal, like UC Berkeley. I hope her talents take her far in the art world.

Classmate Interview

Week 14 – Classmate Interview – Amy Chang

IMG_6119This week I interviewed Amy Chang.

She’s a second year and a communications major. However, Amy is not sure what she wants to do with that degree if she decides to pursue it. She’s full Korean and was born in Korea. She came to the United States when she was 5. She lived in Roland Heights, then Chino Hills, and currently lives in Buena Park. She went to a Catholic junior high then to Los Alamitos High School. Amy was a part of her school’s dance program for four years, where she learned several different types of dances. She took dance because she didn’t want to take PE but still enjoyed it anyways.

Amy doesn’t do much on her free time other than work. She works at Guess and doesn’t mind it much. However, when she does have spare time, she likes to be with friends. She enjoys watching Netflix, especially stand up comedy.

I told Amy that I’m in a sorority on campus and I found out that she is too! She’s a part of Delta Zeta but isn’t very active. She likes all kinds of music except types like screamo. She doesn’t like raves; she’d rather go to a bar. When I asked her what her ideal day would be, Amy replied saying that she’d like to wake up around 11, meet with friends and go to Laguna Beach or Newport. It would also include meeting attractive guys and hanging out with them and “going hard.”


Week 12 – Activity – Algorithmic Art (Late)

After I did a bunch of procedures that my classmates made, I finally came up with one. So I love drawing/doodling and I like the idea of using the alphabet. So my procedure is: 

Collage Procedure 

  1. Get a friend. 
  2. Ask your friend to create a list of nouns, using every alphabet letter (a-z). 
  3. Get a blank paper and a pen. 
  4. Draw the first word (starting with a) in the top left corner. 
  5. Draw the next word (starting with b) in the bottom left corner. 
  6. Continue, going counter-clockwise until you reach the letter z. 

Here is the list of my words: 

  • astronaut 
  • bricks 
  • chapel
  • drum 
  • eggs
  • flask 
  • globe
  • hanger 
  • ink
  • juke 
  • kelp 
  • lollipop
  • mailman 
  • needle
  • oranges 
  • pineapple 
  • quarter 
  • rubik’s cube 
  • slingshot 
  • teapot 
  • u-turn
  • volcano 
  • washer 
  • xebec
  • yarn 
  • zipper 

And how’s how my collage turned out! 


This was definitely a fun activity for me although it took a while. I even messed up on a word but I left it, but that’s okay to mess up! 

Extra Credit

Week 14 – Extra Credit – Classmate Procedures (4)

IMG_6059 The last procedure I did for extra credit was Jairo Ubeda’s License Plate Art. On Saturday evening, I went to LA to attend an event with some friends. I thought it was a great time to catch some license plates on the freeway. Coming from Southern California heading towards LA, there had to be a lot of license plates from different states. Here’s what I got: 


Now, I thought there would be a lot more but like Jairo, I only caught a few. The only one that caught my eye was the Maryland car. I wish my paper was more diverse I guess the freeway is just packed with Californians and that’s alright too! 

Extra Credit

Week 13 – Extra Credit – Classmate Procedures (3)

The third procedure I did was Christian Posada’s Musical Drawing. 

As read on his blog, I listened to one of my favorite songs at the moment, closed my eyes, and drew straight lines and swirly lines for 30 seconds. Afterwards, I used four colors to fill in the gaps until I was satisfied with my drawing. 

I listened to the song Teedra Moses’s Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition). The zigzags in the middle is the beat from the beginning of the song. I started the swirls once the verse started and the gaps between the swirls were the parts where there was no singing. 

This is how it turned out: IMG_8765

And this is how it turned out with the four colors filling a few gaps: IMG_6054

I thought that this procedure was really fun especially because it involved music. Here’s a link to the song I used!