Artist Interview

Week 15 – Artist Interview – Various Artists

IMG_6313This week was a fun week because I got to see many people’s artwork in the gallery, Drawn Out, a BFA Illustration/Animation show, for 2015 seniors. My favorite part about this show was that I got to see the different types of styles every artist had and I enjoyed a few:


This is the first set that caught my eye. It’s by Myke Marts. He didn’t say too much about the work he presented but I liked his illustrations a lot. I like the deteriorating woman and the black and white drawing of famous dining spots. The basketball players as food too, was a favorite. They’re fun and very creative. I like these types because you can interpret it any way you want and it’s fun because it could be so many things.

IMG_6315 IMG_6316

The work on the top is by Ashley Healy and on the bottom, is the work of Juliana Verschoor. Healy’s work was another that I really liked because they’re strange and it makes you stand there and think for a while of what’s going on there. She enjoyed drawing creatures as a little kid and continues to present that in her illustrations today. She loves a lot of detail, as you can see in her work. Verschoor is inspired by Disney and I can see that through her work especially through, Cinderella. Which was my favorite out of all the works she presented.

I think this show was a great way to end the semester as it showcase so many different types of art. I was fascinated at all types and I appreciated them all. So much creativity in the air. Now it’s my turn! See ya!


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