Classmate Interview

Week 14 – Classmate Interview – Amy Chang

IMG_6119This week I interviewed Amy Chang.

She’s a second year and a communications major. However, Amy is not sure what she wants to do with that degree if she decides to pursue it. She’s full Korean and was born in Korea. She came to the United States when she was 5. She lived in Roland Heights, then Chino Hills, and currently lives in Buena Park. She went to a Catholic junior high then to Los Alamitos High School. Amy was a part of her school’s dance program for four years, where she learned several different types of dances. She took dance because she didn’t want to take PE but still enjoyed it anyways.

Amy doesn’t do much on her free time other than work. She works at Guess and doesn’t mind it much. However, when she does have spare time, she likes to be with friends. She enjoys watching Netflix, especially stand up comedy.

I told Amy that I’m in a sorority on campus and I found out that she is too! She’s a part of Delta Zeta but isn’t very active. She likes all kinds of music except types like screamo. She doesn’t like raves; she’d rather go to a bar. When I asked her what her ideal day would be, Amy replied saying that she’d like to wake up around 11, meet with friends and go to Laguna Beach or Newport. It would also include meeting attractive guys and hanging out with them and “going hard.”


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