Extra Credit

Week 13 – Extra Credit – Classmate Procedures (3)

The third procedure I did was Christian Posada’s Musical Drawing. 

As read on his blog, I listened to one of my favorite songs at the moment, closed my eyes, and drew straight lines and swirly lines for 30 seconds. Afterwards, I used four colors to fill in the gaps until I was satisfied with my drawing. 

I listened to the song Teedra Moses’s Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition). The zigzags in the middle is the beat from the beginning of the song. I started the swirls once the verse started and the gaps between the swirls were the parts where there was no singing. 

This is how it turned out: IMG_8765

And this is how it turned out with the four colors filling a few gaps: IMG_6054

I thought that this procedure was really fun especially because it involved music. Here’s a link to the song I used! 


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