Extra Credit

Week 13 – Extra Credit – Classmate Procedures (2)

Another procedure I did was Jasmine Barnum’s Text Message Poetry! First, I had to get my mobile device and go to my messages. I chose 10 different messages and picked the third word from each and came up with this poem: 


Ask bro.



Talent was okay. 



Okay, so this one was a really hard one for me. Mainly because I’m short when I text people so there’s a lot of boring words. But I made it work! 

These are the words I used: 

  • was 
  • club 
  • talent 
  • bro 
  • go
  • okay 
  • hurry 
  • ask 
  • lecture 
  • mom 

Text messages consisted from my sorority sisters, mom, and my “bro” from a fraternity. A few topics of the messages were of my sorority’s cultural talent show, the club I attended on Thursday night, and enrolling in fall classes for next year.

I ended up not having to use extra words which was cool. I feel that the poem I came up with is pretty self-explanatory. So, someone wants to go to the club. They’re asked to talk to their bro. The bro says yes but to hurry. The club scene was alright. Talent could refer to dancing, the people there, and the overall experience. But once the individual came home, s/he faced their mom and a lecture. The brother was telling him/her to hurry to probably avoid that from happening. 

This was definitely an interesting activity.


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