Extra Credit

Week 13 – Extra Credit – Classmate Procedures (1)

IMG_5962I need quite a few extra credit points so I thought doing other people’s procedure’s would be fun. Plus, I didn’t do this activity last week so it helped me come up with my own to turn in for late credit.

The first one I did was Amanda Bjornstad’s Alphabet Stories. First, I had to pick a word for each letter of the alphabet and then make a story out of it using all the words. I had my boyfriend help me with this by letting him choose the words to make it more challenging and here’s what we came up with:

  • articulate
  • bananas
  • culinary 
  • distraction 
  • epiphany 
  • fondue 
  • glistening 
  • hamper 
  • icky 
  • jellyfish 
  • kiss 
  • listen 
  • mouthful 
  • narcotics 
  • opaque 
  • pretty 
  • quilt 
  • revolve
  • slime 
  • time 
  • unique 
  • vindictive 
  • wrote 
  • x-ray 
  • yodel 
  • zit 

I was kind of nervous because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to create a story using all the words but I’m proud to say that I came up with a pretty good story:

There was a little boy and his name was Tuck. Tuck was very talented and UNIQUE. He was a really good cook and could YODEL like no other! In fact, he combined his CULINARY talents and singing skills at the same time. So, one day, he decided to make FONDUE for breakfast because he loves sweets. He paired it up with strawberries, BANANAS, and pound cake. While Tuck ate, he played yodeling music because it was also his favorite type of music to LISTEN to. After a MOUTHFUL of fondue, Tuck started to feel ICKY. He got up to take some pills for the stomach pain, but with the music as DISTRACTION, he accidentally took NARCOTICS instead. Why did he have narcotics in the first place? I have no idea.

Anyways, after taking the drugs, Tuck fell over his fondue station and decided to take a shower to clean himself. He went to his room and removed his sticky clothes into his HAMPER. He successfully made it to the bathroom but walked in the OPAQUE shower door and fell once again. Tuck got up and ran the shower. The water running down his body felt like SLIME so he scrubbed himself for the longest TIME, trying to get it off. 

As Tuck was trying to scrub the bottom of his feet, he slipped, falling once again and started hallucinating. Tuck was in the ocean, floating in the GLISTENING water. He swam and swam and as he was under water, he realized he had gills! He explored the deep ocean and saw PRETTY fish and big whales. Then, something began to REVOLVE around him. A baby JELLYFISH! Tuck wanted to KISS it so he went closer and swam as fast as he could to catch an intimate moment with the jellyfish but before he could lay his lips on it, it stung him on his face. His head looked like a big ZIT. Tuck cried and tried to ARTICULATE why the jellyfish would do such a thing. He became VINDICTIVE and wanted to hurt the jellyfish but he still really want to kiss the it at the same time. After a long, painful wait, Tuck had an EPIPHANY! He realized that now, after the jellyfish stung him, he looked just like one and made an effort to act like one to accomplish his goal. Tuck floated like a jellyfish closely to the one that stung him and as he kissed it, he got stung once again. 

Next thing Tuck knew, he was in his room, on his bed, covered by his QUILT. He turned over and saw an X-RAY of his brain. There was a note that WROTE, NO MORE NARCOTICS LITTLE ONE.

Like I said, I was anxious to see how it would turn out because when it comes to story telling, I’m not very creative. However, it was actually really fun coming up with the next part of the story, tying everything together. I think it’s a pretty good story and I’m glad I had the word narcotics, to help me get a little creative. I’m glad I chose to do this procedure!


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