Classmate Interview

Week 12 – Classmate Interview – Maddie Vandenberg

IMG_5851I’d like you to meet this lovely lady of Alpha Phi. Her name is Maddie Vandenberg! Maddie is a second year, liberal studies major. She wants to be a teach but she might change her major to psychology which can steer her career in a different direction. She currently lives in Long Beach but she got the opportunity to live on campus at the dorms her first year.

Maddie is a sister of Alphi Phi but it was a hard choice between that and Delta Zeta. Some things she loves to do is being outdoors and being active like going to the beach, hiking, and playing volleyball. I’ll have to agree, playing volleyball is very fun. Maddie says that hanging out with friends is always a great time too. She loves movies in general but especially ones that have great soundtracks which I thought was very unique. Her favorite movie is Just Friends and her favorite book is The Great Gatsby which, in my opinion, had a really good soundtrack to it’s newer version of the movie. If you wanna know what kind of music she’s into, it would have to be reggae and country.


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