Artist Interview

Week 12 – Artist Interview – Piet Eppinga

IMG_5854 As I walked into the Merlino gallery, I recognized this very distinct voice. It was the artist who’s from Holland, with a Dutch accent, talking to a few of my classmates about his artwork. He explained that much of his upbringing was because of his experience back home with clay. He has always been fascinated by it’s texture and decided that making art was something he wanted to continue in his life. Wheel thrown pottery and sculpting are his mediums in art and portrays many of his work about people. As I heard him talking, I became very interested in the piece he was discussing:


This piece is called Man-Woman-Child. Piet explained that this sculpture is of a husband and wife who are joined together by a child. It’s obvious that the couple is the upper half but the child is what holds them together at the bottom. The man and woman are connected at the bottom but their heads are barely touching to convey that they’re still individuals even though they are married. Some of the ideas presented are how the woman can still be a wife to her husband and how she will be a mother to her child. Same goes for the man, of how can he still be a husband to his wife and how will he be a father to his child.

Another piece Piet presented is Songharijaneszzchee Uuman.

IMG_5853This woman’s name is Songharijaneszzchee Uuman. An interesting name for an interesting woman. This piece is also about the relationship with a child. Not only that, but Piet explained that she presents both happiness/sadness and good/bad of life. You can see it in her face of both emotions. Her breasts show that she has given birth of a child or even more. The skirt she has is beautiful but also has some holes and tears because although life is beautiful, there will be times of sadness, anger, and distress. The pot on her head is of her family, relatives, and even children who have passed away. Even though they’re gone, she still holds them close to her, like a memory. And, one day when she passes away, one of her children will hold her above their head too.

I really enjoyed Piet’s gallery and think his figurative sculptures are very interesting. I really liked the fact that the artist wanted to explain each and every one of his pieces because not many artists do that. I think it shows that he really does have a passion for his art and what he portrays to his audience.


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