Classmate Interview

Week 11 – Classmate Interview – Maddie Iwanaga

IMG_5739This week, I got to interview Maddie Iwanaga! She’s 18 and she’s a first year like me! Not only are we the same age but we’re also studying psychology! She’s also minoring in criminal justice. Maddie wants a profession in forensic psychology because she thinks it’s interesting and likes the fact that it’s dark and mysterious. Her interest began when she was little, always watching crime shows. In high school, she took AP psychology and thought the brain and criminal sections were captivating. Maddie’s hometown is San Dimas which is about 40 minutes away from campus. She spends her weekends in Long Beach but goes home almost every weekend to hang out with her friends. Maddie currently works at Coldstone in San Dimas. It may have not been her first choice but she applied everywhere and it was the first one she was hired at.

Maddie’s hobbies include photography. From her instagram, she takes very nice photos, especially portraits of friends and family. She has a deluxe pass for Disneyland and goes many times a year with her sister, cousins, and friends. Something interesting about Maddie is that she took art classes ever since she was 9! The forms of art included studio art, sculpting, sketching, etc. Her favorite would have to be painting. She even keeps her own little craft cupboard with all her arts and crafts materials. So, taking an art class for a GE wasn’t so bad for her.

Although Maddie enjoys her time at Long Beach, she’s really considering to transfer to Santa Barbara. She said that it’s her favorite place in the world! She doesn’t mind a community college because of how much Santa Barbara’s UC costs. She’s also very comfortable with Santa Barbara because she has some family living up there. When I asked about her dreams and/or aspirations, she said Santa Barbara. She loves everything about it, and if she could live there, that would be amazing.


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