Classmate Interview

Week 10 – Classmate Interview – Hannah Drake


This week I met Hannah Drake. She’s a second year and is studying kinesiology. Hannah aspires to be a physical therapist because she went through PT a lot in her life, middle school through high school. Some of her injuries include two ACL tears, MCL tear, and knee dislocation. Hannah had to undergo two surgeries for her ACL injuries, one during eighth grade and another during her senior year in high school.

Hannah is originally from Long Beach but Cal State Long Beach was not her first choice. However, she realized that she didn’t want to leave home and committed to CSULB last minute. She currently lives at home but is looking for apartments to live in for the next school year. Hannah has a big extended family! She lives with her parents and her younger sister, who she’s really close with but a lot of her relatives live in California. She’s Italian and she explained how family orientated that makes her.

One of Hannah’s talents includes playing soccer. She started playing soccer as early as three years old. She also likes activities outdoors and being active. She’d rather go hiking and surfing than sitting at home and watching netflix. Last summer, she backpacked to the Palisades and glacier around Mammoth with her dad. She didn’t want to do it, but it turned out to be one of her biggest accomplishments. A form of art Hannah does is music! She likes singing and playing guitar. She loves Italian food and likes the color teal and giraffes.

Something that I noticed about Hannah was her tank top. It said, “Alpha Phi” so I asked her about it. She’s in Alpha Phi sorority on campus. She rushed 2014 and is loving every bit of it. Hannah didn’t see herself as a sorority girl but she wanted to get more involved. Her favorite part about Alpha Phi is having sisterhood and having over one hundred and thirty girls have her back, who are genuine.


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