Classmate Interview

Week 9 – Classmate Interview – Jacob Macmaster


Everyone meet, Jacob Macmaster! He is a fourth year here at Cal State Long Beach. He’s originally from Fresno but currently lives in Long Beach. Jacob is a biology major, aspiring to be in the dental industry. For his major, he has taken a lot of math and science classes. Luckily, this semester is easy for him, with a few easy general ed. classes like art. Unlike this semester, Jacob struggled last semester with his classes, one of them being organic chemistry, aka ochem, describing it as “death”. With a difficult major like biology, Jacob spaced out with general ed. classes so he doesn’t get burned out with all his upper division classes, which is really smart. Something great about Jacob is that he is engaged and his fiance is also in Art 110. Her name is Alex and I was able to also get an interview from her as well! The two met three years ago in their calculus class and have hit it off ever since.

Jacob used to be a part of the fraternity, Sigma Pi, at Long Beach but balancing his heavy workload with school and the brotherhood was difficult. However, Jacob is still involved on campus, as the vice president of the dental club. His dental club goes on outings to places like dental universities and conventions to listen to speakers and get advice. These outings have helped him learn the several steps it takes to be in dentistry.

A few things Jacob likes to do are snowboarding and rock climbing. Jacob started snowboarding since he was sixteen and enjoys going to Big Bear and Snow Summit. Jacob’s ideal day consists of: waking up and going snowboarding and taking a jet to Thailand and getting some Thai food. We talked about food and how much we love eating. Something Jacob loves to eat are avocados! One place he suggested to try is a food truck called Jogasaki. Jogasaki has a Mexican and sushi fusion with their sushi burritos. It sounds delicious and I hope I’ll be able to try it out one day!


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