Classmate Interview

Week 8 – Classmate Interview – Kelsey Lewis

IMG_5224This is Kelsey Lewis and I had the opportunity to interview her this week. She’s a nineteen year old, attending as a first year. She’s studying journalism which she thinks is ironic because she hates writing and doesn’t read very often. Nor does she watch the news and keep up with the current events happening around the world. However, it wasn’t until her senior year in high school where she had to start doing assignments based on news. Kelsey is pursuing to become a photo journalist. She explained to me that journalism can be very corrupt, which is why she wants to be unbiased and present the real, honest truth of the news she’s covering. Kelsey is also thinking about minoring in business.

Something I found interesting is that we’re both from the central valley! Kelsey’s from Modesto and I used to live about thirty or forty minutes away. She lived there her whole life with her parents and two brothers. She used to have a dog, Belle, but she had to be put down because of a cancerous tumor that was infected above her eye. Her whole family really misses her as she was a huge part of the family. Kelsey dorms now but she misses her friends from back home.

Something everyone should know about Kelsey is that she loves the beach! Which is one of the reasons why she chose to come to Long Beach. She hits the beach all the time with her friends. At first, Kelsey didn’t think she was cut out for college but she wanted to leave Northern California and she has family down here so she applied. I asked Kelsey what her favorite color is and she responded saying that she always tells people “clear” but she likes all colors, which I thought was really funny. She loves fruits especially apples and strawberries and she puts peanut butter on almost everything.

Kelsey’s hobbies include painting, drawing, and doodling. She played soccer since she was five until she was eighteen. Something Kelsey is passionate for photography. Sunsets are one of her favorite scenes to capture. She loves pictures because it brings back memories and a nostalgic feeling. Kelsey’s ideal day would include going on an adventure whether it be a roadtrip, camping, watching the stars, going to the lake and having no social media.

The one thing that stuck to me about Kelsey is her dream to be unconditionally happy. 🙂


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