Artist Interview

Week 8 – Artist Interview – Laura Scatterwood


This week in the Merlino Gallery, was a very powerful piece of art. Laura Scatterwood demonstrated the social issue of violence we experience. Although she feels as though she’s of a different generation, she’s living through this generation of what seems like a new norm in our society. Laura got her inspiration from the recent media disturbances of shooting occurring around the country and how there have been so many that it seems somewhat normal or common. This, I thought, was scary because it makes you think about what our society has come to.


I really liked the layout of the room, it’s very straightforward and simple. The walls are paintings of human bodies, which are conveyed as silhouette targets from a shooting range. The couch is centered in the middle along with the rug, and mirror. The couch has guns embedded in it while there are stacked bullets under the bullet.


From what I got from this is that this shooting violence phenomena has created a paranoia in people. This paranoia can affect people in different ways, either to be prepared with weapons and violence themselves or brush it under the rug and do nothing about it. Another aspect of this fiber art is the mirror and the strings that focus from the entrance to the mirror. The strings zone in on the mirror and makes the individual think where they see themselves in this society. All the objects in this gallery are profound and I really enjoyed it.

I asked Laura a few questions and I found out that she used to be a psych major like me. However, she realized that art is what she loves. Laura is graduating this semester and is hoping to get an internship at a textile design, particularly in Los Angeles. Fiber art is just one of the many different pieces she’s created but she specifically chose this project to showcase. I asked if she has any other hobbies but she said that if you’re an art major, all you do is work on your projects. Laura started her project in August and she mentioned that the last couple weeks were hectic as she was getting all the materials and concept finalized. It turned out amazing and I’m glad I got the chance to interview her.


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