Week 8 – Activity – Remix Culture


My remix activity is of pictures. The first picture I used is one of my pledge sisters and I. The second picture is of my sorority’s greek letters. I merged the two pictures together because this weekend, my pledge sisters and I became the newest additions to Chi Delta Theta, of California State University, Long Beach, Delta Chapter. It was one of the best and most important weekends of our lives and gave me inspiration for this weeks activity.

I used an iPhone app called Afterlight to merge the two pictures together. The process was pretty simple but there where different choices such as lighten, darken, multiply, and colorburn and I had to try to figure out which one looked better with the two images. I chose lighten and then edited a little bit more by contrasting it and the final project turned out as presented above. IMG_5239

Internet Culture has many freedoms and restrictions. I think it’s awesome to share ideas but I believe that it’s extremely important to give credit where it’s needed. I don’t follow Copyright very much but I hope that it’s working. For my work, I chose Copyright All Rights Reserved, which is the most restrictive. I chose this because it’s a personal work and it’s really important to me and has great meaning that shouldn’t be manipulated without my consent.


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