Artist Interview

Week 7 – Artist Interview – Juliette Angulo

Juliette Angulo’s “Residual” exhibit in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery was very interesting. It was a culmination of her family’s life for the past two years. It included several pictures with a cut out of a person in each shot. From each picture, it was evident that this person that was cut out was someone of the army. It drew a lot of emotion especially from the wall with the person hugging different people individually. IMG_5041I thought these pictures were beautiful because of the facial expressions of the people in the shot. Juliette’s idea of “Residual” came about because she was “thinking of the leftover” and was interested in the excess of images and the subject when taken out. The person cut out from each picture is of her younger sister who enlisted in the army. These shots were taken the past couple years, for fun but became more of a series after Juliette realized that she had so many pictures. She wondered how she should convey more emotions. After talking to her professors, she decided the reiterate her sister’s absence by cutting her out of the developed photos. Juliette plans on using the cut outs of her sister in a different project. IMG_5042

IMG_5043Juliette is a 5th year, preparing to graduate. After Long Beach, she wants to take a break and then continue her education by going to grad school. On her break, she wants to assist a photographer or find an internship. She did an internship at The Getty in Los Angeles working for a non-profit for a saving the arts type of thing. Some of her inspirations come from artists like Doug Dubois and Justine Reyes and their photography with family. Another artist she enjoys is Diane Arbus and her portraits. In regards to Residual, I asked if she was really close to her sister. However, I got a different answer than I expected. Juliette explained that they didn’t have a best relationship but they’ve gotten better since she left. She said that her distance from her sister created perspective on her sister’s decision to enlist. Juliette’s sister enjoyed the exhibit as she got a Skype walk through of the gallery. I really enjoyed Juliette’s art. Here’s a picture of her!



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