Week 6 – Activity – Yarn Bombing

This week, our class was introduced to yarn bombing. I have never heard of yarn bombing before but when I watched the video of London Kaye yarn bomb the L Train, I thought it was really cool that people actually decorate cities with yarn. The fact that people complimented her and supported her Valentine’s Day project is pretty cool. For this week’s activity, I went to the fine arts 2 building and checked out some fabric art and this one is my favorite:


I wanted to do a twist to our activity this week by actually making something out of yarn. Luckily, my friend Janelle, who’s also in art wanted to do the same! So we got yarn and looked up videos on youtube. We found a few interesting ones but for some, we didn’t have all the materials. We ended up doing yarn octopi! It was actually pretty fun!

First, we took an average sized book. We wrapped yarn around the book about 80 times and tied it up with a separate string of yarn. After that, we removed the yarn from the book and cut up one side and it ended up looking as such:


Then, we took one side, and overlapped it on the other side. We formed the head of the octopus by tying another separate string of yarn tightly towards the top. Then, we separated the ends in half and started creating tentacles for each half. We made 4 to 5 tentacles for each, by braiding. The overall product turned out like this:

IMG_4859So what did we do with our octopi? We hung them in her room! We got the idea from the video our professor showed us in class, where London Kaye hung hearts in the train. We thought it would be more fun than wrapping pieces of a t-shirt around a door handle, and it was!


Yarn bombing and graffiti writing are definitely two different processes. I’d say that both take time and effort and both are fun. Yarn bombing personally, was more challenging because I’ve done art with yarn before so it was new for me. Graffiti on the other hand, wasn’t so bad because I like to draw and I like typography. I’d say that there is a stereotype of graffiti being masculine and yarn bombing being feminine but honestly, anyone can do it. There are a lot of women who do amazing works of graffiti and there are men out there who enjoy knitting and crocheting.


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