Artist Interview

Week 6 – Artist Interview – Christine Fuqua


Lately, I’ve been interviewing artists who paint but this week I decided to switch it up and interview an artist with a different form of art, which happened to be wood. This is Christine Fuqua and she’s a wood major, one of the two wood majors at CSULB. Christine started her college career at Cal State Fullerton then to El Camino College and finally ended up at Long Beach. Throughout her 9 years of college, she’s bounced from different art majors that include photography and theater. It wasn’t until a wood workshop she had to take for her previous major where she found her passion. Her work was featured in the Marilyn Werby Gallery with a wood comber table and a maple spoon.


One of the most interesting art pieces in the gallery was this table. Luckily, it was Christine who built this herself. She used the cold molding method which is used to build boats. By using thin wood, called veneers, she was able to mold the wood into the shape she wanted to. She learned about this type of wood art from her teacher who builds boats. Christine wanted to do a project that would be amazing and after three semesters of hard work, her comber table turned out outstandingly beautiful.


This maple spoon is a smaller piece Christine included in the gallery. At first, the table was the only piece she was going to showcase but after checking out the other smaller works, she took five hours the night before the gallery’s opening, to fix up this unique little spoon.

Christine has a few dreams: a realistic dream and a fantasy dream. Realistically, she wants to own her own wood shop where she can sell furniture, or more specifically small objects. Unrealistically, but not impossible, she’d like to work with Pete Nelson, a man who builds treehouses on his show Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet. After Christine’s last semester, she will move to Portland, Oregon and pursue her dreams. A great thing about this move for her is that Oregon is the perfect place to express her unique art. A classmate commented on the city, “the weirder, the better for your business,” referring that some people in the area enjoy unusual and funky aesthetics.

A hobby Christine enjoys is photography. She had her own business as a photographer for weddings and engagements called Atomic Moose. Something I thought was cool is that she also took art 110 and she would promote her business on her website. Although she has grown apart from photography, she still really enjoys it.


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