Classmate Interview

Week 6 – Classmate Interview – Matt Do


Please excuse my mix-match outfit and meet my new friend Matthew Do. You can call him Matt Do (like dough), because ever since high school, everyone refers to him by not only his first name, but his last name too. He’s nineteen years old and is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. He’s from Huntington Beach, where he commutes from. He chose Long Beach because it’s cheaper to attend than somewhere out of state or somewhere he’d have to dorm. He currently works as a ocean lifeguard at Huntington Beach. A little fun fact about Matt Do is that she’s been a lifeguard for a little over three years and has saved over FOUR HUNDRED lives. Maybe that’s not such a little fun fact but a tremendous fun fact! That’s pretty awesome! If I’m ever in the ocean at HB, I hope Matt Do is on duty haha. Right now Matt Do is a nutrition major but he dreams to be a firefighter paramedic so he can save more lives.

Although Matt Do is not involved with any clubs or organizations on campus, he has countless of hobbies that include: surfing, body surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, and skin diving which is like scuba diving without air. He used to draw as kid and he likes to draw cartoons. I remember seeing his ID cards and they’d be of characters like Spongebob and they were very good. When I asked him about his ideal of a perfect day, he said that it would be to have a great day of surf and relaxing the rest of the day. He also mentioned an accomplishment of being able to surf twelve foot waves and that he can do aerials.


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