Classmate Interview

Week 5 – Classmate Interview – Daniela Hernandez


This week I got to interview my classmate, Daniela Hernandez. I wasn’t able to get a pic with her but I think this picture of her is super fun!

Daniela is such a sweet person and funny too. I asked her for her age and she said that she’s eighteen. However, later in our interview she realized that she meant to say nineteen, being that her birthday was just a few weeks ago. Daniela is a freshman and her major is journalism. She currently dorms but is originally from Long Beach so her home is not too far away. She decided to dorm to have more freedom and experience living in the dorms. Right now, she works at Claire’s, a restaurant at the Long Beach Museum of Art as a hostess. I thought that was pretty cool because I used to be a hostess/server as well. Although she doesn’t mind her job, Daniela is trying to work with DIG Magazine, the magazine of CSULB, this semester. I think it would be a great opportunity for Daniela to work with DIG Magazine, especially because it’ll help towards reaching her goals. Daniela aspires to work in public relations for a fashion company one day. She was inspired by fashion designer, Lauren Conrad, which I think is pretty awesome because Lauren Conrad is a very successful woman and a great role model. When Daniela told me that Lauren Conrad is her inspiration, I got flashbacks of her show The Hills and remembered how cool her job was.

Something I found very interesting about Daniela is that her boyfriend lives in Wisconsin, about 2,000 miles away from us. They dated in high school but stayed together even after graduating, which is very cute. She says that her perfect day would be a Disneyland date with her boyfriend. Her dreams include buying her own Mercedes and Chanel purse. Daniela’s favorite color is orange and her favorite animal is the giraffe. We have similar music tastes, both liking Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, and Beyonce. Some of her hobbies include messing around with photoshop, shopping, going to Disneyland, and going to the gym.


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