Artist Interview

Week 5 – Artist Interview – Francis Greco

For this week’s artist, I got to interview Francis Greco and Liz Talbot for their artwork in Visions. The Visions exhibit was very unique in the way that it was comprised of many different artists who submitted their work to be in the exhibit. Student work was submitted anonymously, to the Drawing and Painting Club of Cal State Long Beach and then presented to a jury. The competition was very high, where the jury had to select “visually and intellectually compelling” art that best represented the talented students of the art department. Francis and Liz were two of the many artists who got to showcase their work.


Francis, also know as Franky, presented his oil painting, “Jazz Boogie Good Times” is this week’s exhibit in the Werby-Gallery. When I first saw it I thought it was pretty cool and I could definitely see the influence of jazz music in this piece. With the deep, dark colors of blue, green, purple, and brown really setting the mood of the painting. But what really caught my attention was the contrast of the yellow. I really enjoyed the different musical instruments in the piece as well, with the bass, saxophone, and piano and the different characters playing them. Something I also noticed was how geometric the figures are.

Franky is a very chill and mellow person. This year is his last year at Long Beach and he plans to take a year off to build his portfolio and then return to school. He’s not one hundred percent sure where he’ll end up but he aspires to go to Los Angeles, as it is a very popular city for art. He started painting about six years ago. He always enjoyed art but one time he decided to try oil painting. This was all new to him but it ended up being his favorite medium, after trying all other sorts of mediums such as water color and charcoal. We also talked about the two tattoos he has on his arms which are actually his art, which is very unique because no one else has those tattoos but him.

Franky expressed the influence of music in his work and it made me think of how cool it is for some artists to incorporate other forms of art, such as music, into their pieces. To me, it shows that one form of art is no better than the other. It’s awesome that artists support other artists and how their appreciation for each other in their own work. From this interview, this is what I got out of it and I’m really glad because it opened my eyes and reminded me to always keep an open mind because no form of art should go unappreciated.

Liz and Franky asked us if any of us interviewees do art and I told them that I like to draw people. They suggested to come to campus on Sundays from 4-7 to do a drawing of a live model for $5. I though it was great that they encouraged us to continue doing art and gave us information on where we can do so.


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