Week 5 – Activity – Kickstarter


Kickstarter is a website where creative ideas and projects come to life. It’s a platform for businesses to receive funding and for investors to invest their money into these projects. There are many categories in which ideas are organized: art, comics, crafts, dance, design, fashion, film & video, food, games, journalism, music, photography, publishing, technology, and theater. This website is a great avenue for businesses to take off and for dreams to come true.

This week I chose to look through two categories: design and technology. I chose these two because I’ve always been interested in design and it’s always cool to know about new, innovated technology that’s going to come.


  1. Tesla Amazing has reinvented the “post-it” notes with their invention of Magnetic: Paper That Sticks to Walls. Based in San Francisco, California, Tesla Amazing’s goal was to make paper that you can stick to any surface without the hassle of pins, thumb tacks, etc. The reason why this project caught my eye is because I like to stay organized in a fun way, so I like using cute notes to draw my attention. I decided to watch the video to see what it’s about. At first I saw that it was over 5 minutes long and I thought to myself, Aw this is going to be long… However, I was actually glued to the screen, taking interest in everything they were showing. Here are a few things I really like about Magnetic:
  • Different sizes, different colors
  • Easy to move and reuse
  • Sticks to any surface
  • Use the back like a white board

I really enjoyed seeing all the uses and features a simple product as this one has. I could see myself using Magnetic and I’m not surprised that Tesla Amazing exceeded their goal.

  1. Urban Tactical’s Urban Tactical Attachment Pen is another product I checked out. One reason I checked this project out is because I saw a Kickstarter Staff Pick sticker on it, so I thought to myself, Well then this must be a great product. I looked at the time of the video and it’s less than a minute which I thought that that’s a sufficient amount of time to pitch their idea. The pen is made of aircraft aluminum, thus it being built to last. The features the pen has is a small storage cache, a removable utility blade, a tungsten nib, a carrying clip, and a ball point pen. Towards the end of the video, there was a part where the creator was breaking glass filled with colored liquid using the pen. I didn’t really understand that part because it didn’t really show why I should purchase a tactical attachment pen rather than a normal regular pen. Although, the pen is very nice looking, I don’t think I would invest in this project as much as I would for Magnetic.


  1. Beam by Beam Labs, Inc. is a small projector that can fit in any light socket. I’m not really into projectors but for some reason I thought the project looked interesting so I decided to watch the video. The video is a little over a minute and thirty seconds and I think they used that time very effectively and efficiently to present their product. I like this product because it just made me think about Netflix and how it would be cool to project a movie or show on my wall while on my laptop. I also like the feature of it being an alarm clock and giving the weather for the day. I think it’s also cool that the projector can fit into any light socket, so if I need to read an e-book, I can use my desk lamp and have it project the book on my desk.
  1. Keith Beckley is hoping to innovate digital photo frames with his own product, Pigeon. I clicked on this project because I wanted to see how this frame is different from others. What’s special about this product is that there’s no hassling with emails with pictures; it’s all done by wifi. It’s also unique because you can share photos to one frame from anywhere around the world. Although this is a cool product, it doesn’t really attract to me. It’s main audience target are grandparents so I didn’t feel the need to want to invest in a product that has an older audience.

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