Classmate Interview

Week 4 – Classmate Interview – Mary Quach


Everyone, I’d like you to meet Mary Quach.

Mary is a first year attending Cal State Long Beach, originally from South Sacramento/Elk Grove. She got accepted into San Diego State but preferred Long Beach because of money situations. She’s currently undeclared but is thinking about going into psychology. Although she does not have a job right now, she is involved on campus. Some of the organizations she’s affiliated with include Zeta Sis and Nikkei Student Union (NSU).

Mary loves any shade of blue or green which is cool because I love any shade of red or pink. Some of her favorite animals are dogs and penguins. We have the same music tastes: hip-hop, R&B, and acoustics. Something we have in common is that we both love to draw. I personally like to draw people. Her favorite type of art is doodling and surrealism. I asked her what her ideal day would be like and she said that any day spent exploring a new place would be great, which makes me think the two of us should plan a day of adventure soon. 🙂 Something she wishes to do in the near time future is to travel to underrated places around the world and explore.


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