Artist Interview

Week 4 – Artist Interview – Andrea Albarran


This talent young artist is Andrea Albarran and her self portrait. She started drawing since she was little but didn’t get into painting until she came to Cal State Long Beach. She found it to be her passion and continued to pursue it the rest of her college career.

Andrea works at an airport and drew a mural of her family. The time, effort, and detail she put in her parents was apparent, however, she drawing of herself wasn’t as intense. Someone told her that she should paint herself with the same passion, and so she did, with this portrait. She used bright colors to express herself which makes sense because she’s a very vibrant person.


These next few pieces are portraits of her friends. The one on top is of her male friend who is very quiet and likes to keep things to himself. The one on the bottom is of her female friend who has an interesting, personal story behind it, about rape, hence the red mark around the vaginal area. The colors really stood out to me and really expressed the emotions involved with the background information.


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