Week 3 – Activity – Instagram

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetThis week’s activity consisted of using social media! Throughout the day on Thursday, February 5th, we had to take at least four pictures of anything we wanted and post them on Instagram. Although I don’t usually post more than two pictures a day on my personal instagram, I was still able to do the activity by creating a new account. The picture above was my first picture with the caption “Looking at some art on this fine morning.” I took this while in a gallery at school. My next picture was a pic Beatriz and I from that day, then a picture of me being at the Pilipino American Coalition meeting, and lastly, a picture of a late night snack of Jack In The Box.

“#art110s15” on Instagram was interesting because there were hundreds of pictures of that Thursday. I thought I was going to see a lot of selfies but there were only a few. I saw tons of posts of art from the galleries this week which I thought was pretty cool because they’re advertising the art of Cal State Long Beach’s students to their followers which could potentially attract others outside of the class to visit. Another theme I saw was food. Even I posted a picture about food. For some reason, this generation loves taking pictures of their food before eating it and sharing it with the whole world. This wasn’t a surprise. I also saw a few pictures of the basketball game that was going on that night, against University of California, Riverside. Although there were several other random topics and subjects of pictures, I feel that the students of this institution share a lot of commonalities. Even if there are some differences, it’s still interesting to see what others enjoy and are interested in.


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