Classmate Interview

Week 3 – Classmate Interview – Beatriz Adanza

2014-12-17 16.10.00I’m happy to introduce one of my best friends, Beatriz Adanza. Now although, I already knew her, I think it’s important that everyone knows who I’m always with in art because I think she’s totally awesome. I actually met Beatriz at a rush event for a sorority and up until now, we’ve been pledging side by side, every step of the way. When I first met her, I never knew the huge impact she would have in my life. I’ve learned so much about her in the several months I’ve known her.

Beatriz is a freshman, who commutes from Huntington Beach. She was born in the Philippines and lived there for almost half her life and then moved to the United States. She lives with her parents, and younger brother and sister. Her family is really close, always having daily family dinners together. Sometimes I get jealous because I miss having those homecooked meals with my family haha. She is also in a long term relationship with a pretty chill dude named Chris. Beatriz is studying kinesiology and aspires to be a physical therapist.

Beatriz is super chill to be around. She likes to go with the flow, especially with the right company. She’s very friendly and likes meeting new people. She lives her life simply and doesn’t let things bother her too much, which is a pretty impressive characteristic to have. Her favorite color is teal and loves Jack In The Box curly fries. Beatriz and I have the same interest in music; we’re especially into G-Eazy because he’s a babe. On the other hand however, she’s into edm more than me. She likes raves and will be going to Beyond this March. I hope I will be able to go and experience my first rave with her. Something people she should know about her is that she always always always answers her own questions, right after she asks them aloud, and it’s pretty funny once you realize it.

I’ve only known Beatriz for less than a year and I already know a lot about her. But, we truly have a lifetime to get even closer. I’m extremely grateful to have a friend like her. No matter what, I’m always down for her.


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