Week 2 – Activity – Painting

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Our first art activity other than creating our own website, is 2D art: painting. Our objective was to spray paint our name in bubble letters, using two colors. My friend and I wanted to go to the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls, however we were unable to go all the way out there this weekend. We didn’t mind using the supplies we already had: used spray paint and cardboard. First, we watched the video on how to make bubble letters and once we got the general idea, we got to work. It took a while to write my whole first name because it’s 8 letters but I think it turned out well. I’ve done bubble letters before, but not the way I learned from the video. I tried it since it was something new and it turned out that it’s just a good as the way I normally do it.

Once we finished writing our name in pencil and outlining them in black Sharpie, we went outside to spray paint. For me, I didn’t want to mess up my bubble name and I knew that would happen since I’ve never used spray paint before. I used the back of the cardboard to test out the different paints. I decided on pink and green. It was fun filling in the bubbles but also very hard to be precise and perfect. This is how it turned out: Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetI tried incorporating some white accents but it didn’t really work out as I had hoped so I went over it with pink again. Using spray paint for the first time was fun and tricky at the same time because there’s a technique on how hard to press and the distance between the cardboard and can. But, for the first time, it was really enjoyable for my friend and I. I realized that graffiti must be very hard but it seems so easy for those who do murals and tags around the world. I respect those artists a lot because this type of art is not as easy as it seems. I’m glad I got to try spray painting and maybe in the future, I’ll try it out again.


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