Classmate Interview

Week 2 – Classmate Interview – Janelle Reyes


Hello everyone! My name is Danielle Elemento and this here on the left, is a new friend I made in my Art 110 class. Her name is Janelle Reyes. It was our first time going to the art galleries at California State University, Long Beach. I’m not too sure about her, but I probably wouldn’t have gone here if it weren’t for the class. I don’t have too many friends in this course, so it was evident that people in the class were trying to make friends and the best way is to just go up to someone and introduce yourself! So Janelle introduced herself to me and we decided to look at the galleries together.

After observing the galleries, we interviewed each other. I wouldn’t even say it was an interview though because it was more of a casual conversation where the questions and the “getting-to-know-each-other” came easily. Just like me, Janelle is a first year at Long Beach. She’s from Northern California, San Jose/Sunnyvalle specifically, which was quite interesting because I was born in there and lived in that area for a few years. She decided to attend Cal State Long Beach for the nursing program, hence she’s currently a pre-nursing major. However, like many college students, Janelle is thinking about changing her major to international studies with a minor in sociology and economics, to explore the different fields the university has to offer.

Janelle is full Filipino, just like me! I asked her if she’s involved in any clubs of organizations on campus and she replied saying that she’s a part of PAC: Pilipino American Coalition which is awesome because I’m also involved in that club! Although Janelle is Filipino, she loves Mexican food! If you want to take her out to lunch, she loves burritos and carne asada fries. Janelle is very talented, playing several instruments that include: the acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, and trombone. She likes all types of music but every since she moved to Southern California, she’s gotten into trap music and electronic dance music which I can relate to because once I started college, I realized that almost everyone I met here loves edm and raves.

Meeting Janelle was great because we’re alike in some ways and affiliated in the same organization. I hope that we continue to talk and stay friends during our time in Long Beach. Even better, we’ll be able to hang out at PAC meetings and events!

Janelle’s blog:


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